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KZKR guard with core, your air purification expert

KZKR focuses on respiratory protection technology, with self-developed filter core as the core air purification technology,
Provides an optimized solution that balances high-efficiency filtration with refreshing breathability, bringing about a 24/7 breathing protection experience.
KZKR adheres to the rigorous attitude of supremacy of science and technology, based on a large number of internal experimental data,
Combined with the third-party test report, the product performance claims are truthfully and reasonably published.

KZKR protective mask core technology

High-efficiency filtration: unique high-efficiency electrostatic filtration technology helps effectively filter PM2.5
Good breathability: unique cold flow exhalation valve to improve wearing comfort,
KZKR core technology of high-efficiency electrostatic filter cotton, while ensuring filtration efficiency, lower breathing resistance


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